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The best way to purchase your school uniform currently is via this website. Every item of your uniform is available to buy online.

We will of course change uniform bought online and over the summer months we extend our exchange policy. If you leave the barcode labels attached and keep your original receipt there is no problem changing sizes (retaining the discounted prices) before school starts. 

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UPDATE - Our schoolwear store is now open Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 5:30 (8pm on Thursdays).

Appointments are no longer required - we are operating an on-street queuing system similar to most other stores. 


When does your Discount promotion end?
Our 20% off promotion starts on the 1st of June and finishes on Friday 31st July.

Is the Discount available on your website?
Yes, our website shows our entire pricing structure, with before and after prices. It's a great place to look at the different options. You can of course purchase online with home delivery

Do you offer a deposit service?
Yes, this option means you can come in early, get all your sizes and take advantage of the discount. We'll hold your items with a £20 deposit, then just pay them off when you are ready. If you pay in full before 31st July you'll receive 20% discount.

When is my Pickup from Store Order Ready?
After your initial order confirmation, watch out for a second 'dispatch' email which will indicate that your order is ready for collection. Once you've received it you can come to our menswear store (red brick building on corner at 20-24 Market Street) any time from 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Saturday to collect.

Can I change items before school starts?
Growth spurt - no problem. Over the summer months we extend our exchange policy. If you leave the barcode labels attached and keep your original receipt there is no problem changing sizes (retaining the discounted prices) before school starts. This also applies to online purchases.

Can I exchange a 6th form uniform if I don't get the school I want?
We normally have a 30-day refund policy with goods that are unworn and have original labels and your receipt.  However, we extend this for 6th form uniform sales over the summer to give parents peace of mind. We will exchange for a different school or refund if pupils are not returning to school at all. This policy is open until the school starts back.

How do I exchange items bought online?
The easiest way to exchange goods is to wait for our store to reopen and bring them in. Hpopefully this won't be too much longer.

What items of uniform do I need? We maintain lists of uniform requirements for most schools. Click on the Uniform list (below the banner top left) in your School section to get the official list of required items.
How much is a uniform for a particular school?
This can vary a lot depending on the pupil, year and school. The best way to get an idea is to browse our website and look at the different options and add them to your basket to give you an idea of total cost (remember you may want multiple quantities of shirts or trouser/skirts etc).

What size do I need?
The table below is a good rule of thumb that may help gauge the sizes required. While everyone is different this is a good starting point.

Age  Waist (Inches) Chest (Inches)
3/4               18                 24
5/6               20                 26
7/8               22                 28
9/10             24                 30
11/12            26                 32
13/14           28                 34
15/16           30                 36
17/18           32+               38+

If you need help in choosing your sizes then send us these measurements (in inches) and we can recommend what to order -

CHEST MEASUREMENT: Boys & Girls Blazers, Girls Blouses, Jumpers, Hoodies, Sweats, Polos etc
Measure under the the arms (for girls measure at the top of the rib cage)

Measure round the neck with 2 fingers between the tape and the neck

WAIST MEASUREMENT: Boys Trousers, Girls Skirts etc
Measure at the point where you wish the waistband to sit

HEIGHT MEASUREMENT: Blazers, Trousers, Skirts
Measure full height (without shoes)

AGE: For all garments please supply age too.

I have a Question that's not answered here?
Just contact us via one of the methods below and we'll do our very best to help.
· Phone: 028 9267 5111
· Email: sales@mccallsoflisburn.com